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    There should be a new law- used baby clothes must be passed on. Why? This is because babies grow so fast, they hardly ever get a chance to wear their clothes.

    They end up in a trunk labelled “just in case”. If you have children, then you probably can relate. Sharing is Always Great Have you ever wondered why you held on to that pretty little dress your daughter wore when she was a baby? Probably because you just couldn’t through it away- it and the ton of other clothes in the trunk labelled “baby girl”.

    There is now a great use for those used baby clothes, instead of the trunk. There are actually used baby clothing stores which provides low price clothing to children who otherwise could not afford to wear them- well their parents can’t afford it. Either way, these stores are much needed because baby clothes are so precious, much too precious to throw away.

    Some women have had new babies just to see them worn one more time! Two Outfits Per Day Remember having to change your baby twice a day. There was a morning outfit, and an afternoon outfit- and perhaps one in between. This can be expensive for families who just don’t have the money- and believe it, babies still need to be changed twice a day.

    With the economy the way it is, parents find themselves washing on their hands to keep up. Not anymore though- they can now buy used baby clothes at affordable prices. Growing and Growing and…. Everyone is going to have their favorite baby outfit which they will never let go, but thank goodness there’s a place where other babies can may be able to acquire those beautiful clothes.

    Used clothes for babies is a great idea, because babies are always growing- often faster than parents care to see some times. They often jump over an entire outfit size, but you never know which one until it happens. Thank goodness for used baby clothes.